I was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. When I was a child, during school break, I always hung out in the kitchen cooking or baking something. In my teenage years, I forgot about the fun in the kitchen. I focused on studying and wanting to become an othodontist. But somehow, I ended up in school of communication arts, majoring in advertising instead.

I continued my further education in business administration in the United States. My careers include banker, manager of horseriding school, partner of graphic design company, online silver jelwery vendor.

In mid 2000’s I relocated to the United States. Honolulu was my home for few years where I worked in finance for a non-profit organization. Before I made another move to London, I had a chance to work in pastry kitchen at a hotel in Waikiki and right there where I found a path to my new career.

Though I do not have sweet tooth, fortunately, lots of people in the world do. I love the energy of pastry kitchen; it’s fastpace, yet very pristine, there is not so much room for mistake. I always love precision, perfection, planning, being organized and creative; these were parts of what I enjoyed in my previous careers but there was something missing; it was the kitchen life!

I received Pâtisserie Diploma from Le Condron Bleu London. After I graduated, I had a chance to work in 5-star hotels in London.

In 2013, I had an opportunity to create theme desserts for Harper’s Bazaar magazine in Thailand. Later that year, I was offered an airtime on cable TV in Thailand for my show Dish it my way. In this show, we feature Bangkok street food recommendations, then the food is brought back to the kitchen for me to reinterpret in my way.

In 2014, then came my second show focusing on dessert only. We call it Sweet it my way.

In my free time, I often search for new restaurants to try. Tasting food inpires me to remake, re-create, and transform the food into my style.

 I would like to share my recipes and my inspirations on this blog with you. There’s nothing better than seeing people enjoying food.

Currently I am in planning process to introduce Thai street food that I enjoy to people in London, stay tuned.