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Roast Duck Quesadilla

Roast Duck Quesadilla for Dish It My Way by Kong Suetrong

Years ago I went to a party at my friend’s house and he made his version of delicious quesadilla using kalua pig. Then I thought, hmm, what can I put in my quesadilla to create flavours that hit my tastebuds at all the right spots!

Any of you who enjoy Thai food must have tried or heard of ‘Pad Krapow,’ stir-fried meat (chicken tends to be the popular choice) with holy basil; normally served over rice with crispy edge fried egg. To take this dish to the next level, some people use crispy pork belly but for me roast duck is the answer.

One day I had leftover roast duck stir-fried with basil, I figured, this is it! I’m going to put this in my quesadilla! It turned out that the pungent heat from bird’s eye chilis in the stir-fry is balanced out nicely with melted mature cheddar cheese.

If you can’t find holy basil, try using Italian basil, just like I did in this recipe. I prefer the flavour and aroma of Italian basil to sweet basil for this particular dish.

You can make plenty of this roast duck stir-fry, enjoy it with rice first and save the leftover to make quick and easy quesadilla the next day.

Check out the recipe and YouTube clip below

Roast Duck Quesadilla
(2 servings)

half roast duck
7 clove of garlic
7 bird’s eye chilis
1 cup of Italian basil
4 sheets of corn tortillas
200g cheddar cheese


  • dice roast duck meat and add into a dry frying pan on medium heat
  • once the duck fat begin to render, add chopped garlic and chilis, continue stir-frying until fragrant (don’t cook too long, the meat will get tough)
  • add basil leaves, give it a quick stir, remove from the heat and set it aside
  • place a sheet of tortilla on a pan, medium high heat
  • spread generous amount of cheddar cheese over tortilla, add a layer of roast duck stir-fry, top it with more cheese then place another sheet of tortilla over it
  • once the tortilla is crisped and cheese is melted, flip it. It should take 1-2 minutes to cook on each side

After writing this, now I’m thinking, next time I make it, I’m going to add an egg in the middle to add extra gooey texture, I imagine it must be amazing!

Bon Appetit 😉

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