It’s been ages!


I’ve been absent from here for way too long. I miss having fun in the kitchen showing my audience what I cook. I kept thinking of how to make my cooking more exciting, how I can perfect my content, and so on. That kept me away from coming up with something for awhile.

Finally, I decided that I should just do it! Anything would be a good new start.

Last weekend, I went to Berkley Bowl supermarket in Berkley, California. It is one of the best supermarket in my area, in my opinion. I love their selections of produce, meat, and most importantly, they sell French butter and fresh yeast (I know it’s important, right?!)

Anyway, I found this beautiful cut of uncured pancetta from Italy. What else can I make with it other than a hearty bowl of spaghetti carbonara with chunky piece of that salty fat.


My recipe is very simple and contain just few ingredients; spaghetti, egg, pecorino Romano cheese, black pepper, and of course that good pancetta!

My tips are…..lots of cheese, lots of freshly ground black pepper (usually it’s about 20 turns on my peppermill for one serving portion), and make sure you cut that beautiful pancetta nice and thick.

Here is my quick YouTube video on this dish

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